CDTF is a Community oriented trust, helping marginalized people to realize their potential


Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF) was established one year after Tanganyika Independence (1962) by the then Member of Parliament Honorable Lady Marion Chesham after dialogue and agreement between TANU Leaders and the Tanzanian government. Together with Lady Marion Chesham, Declaration for CDTF Establishment was signed by Honorable Job Lusinde and Solomon Eliufoo who were the government ministers, Chief Adam Sapi Mkwawa who was the Parliament speaker and Mr. Horace Mason who was the commissioner for Community Development.


CDTF was established by committed leaders as a local institution for the purpose of complementing efforts of the independent nation on improving people’s social and economic livelihoods, through sustainable self-reliant projects. These processes had objective of fighting against illiteracy, diseases and poverty. CDTF aimed at collaborating with non-government institutions from outside and inside the country as well as other development stakeholders who focus in contributing to implementation of the popular TANU’s motto “Uhuru na Kazi”, aiming at animating citizens on their own development and the nation based on self reliance principles.


Apart from government leaders involvement in CDTF establishment, the government has supported CDTF by contributing personnel, funds and Office building, also some of the leaders, including “Father of the Nation” the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere participated in mobilizing donors particularly Non- governmental institutions that collaborated with CDTF. In addition, the CDTF Board of Trustees was chaired by the Prime Minister until 1992


sub title


To animate and support self help development initiatives of organized communities and groups to change their lives through increase in wealth strategies.


To be a leading organization in supporting development of rural and urban people, by establishing strong prosperous communities with prospective values