About CDTF


Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF) of Tanzania is a nonprofit making organization registered under Trustees Incorporation ordinance, 1956 (No. 18 of 1956). It was established one year after Tanganyika Independence (1962) by the late Honorable Lady Marion Chesham after a dialogue and agreement between TANU leaders and the Tanzanian government as the Member of Parliament. The declaration for CDTF establishment was signed by Lady Marion Chesham together with Honorable Job Lusinde and Solomon Eliufoo who were the government ministers, Chief Adam Sapi Mkwawa the Parliament Speaker and Mr. Horace Mason the Commissioner for Community Development


To formulate and implement, in collaboration with communities and other development stakeholders, programs, projects and activities that will enhance communities’ capabilities to fully realize their development potentials.


To have conscious, committed and capable Tanzanian communities which are fully responsible for their social, cultural, economic and political development and, self-reliance.



CDTF Tanzania puts people’s needs first in order to meet and possibly exceed their expectations. Through good stewardship, it provides social and economic support and care to the marginalized people.


 CDTF Tanzania conducts programs that give sustainable lease of life to communities we work with.  CDTF advocates the participatory development paradigm, which insists that the target group should always be the principal catalyst in any given program or project and that CDTF will take part and remain in such a program or project only as a facilitator


The organization seeks to be open and adhere to strong moral principles, promoting self-respect, honesty and personal dignity. It is devoted to bringing positive changes through conducting development programs in a trustful, honesty, transparent and ethical way to maintain good relationship with all stakeholders for the benefit of the communities we work with.


CDTF Tanzania takes responsibilities in all the activities not only to donors/stakeholders but also to the target groups whom we work with. We promote and inculcate the spirit of accountability which is instrumental to high performance.


CDTF Tanzania collaborates with other agencies and partners in their communities in an attempt to complement the existing resources rather than duplicate them, so as to promote sense of ownership and sustainability.